Hear It From Our Clients

Here is what some of our happy customers have had to say about us

Just wanted to let you know Jeff managed to fix my generator after I spent months and more than a thousand dollars trying to find the elusive problem. Jeff recognized the generator was the problem right away instead of sluffing off the issue to the propane feed or the HVAC system. It only took him an hour to find the problem (mud daubers had blocked the diaphragm vent holes) and fix it. FINALLY! Someone who actually knows what he's doing! Thanks Jeff! Great job!
Melody H. - Hendersonville, NC
Thanks so much to Raphael for the timely, helpful, and professional service. Our power went off a few minutes ago; the generator took over right away. Such a relief to know our generator should be good to go for many hours! Your number will be the first we call in times of darkness!
F.J. - Hendersonville, NC
“I just had my generator serviced by one of your technicians. He did an outstanding job !”
He was neat and very knowledgeable about my generator. He was able to answer all of my questions. When he was all done he tested the generator leaving me confident that it will work when I need it the most...
Lawrence M. - Waynesville, NC
“My power went off the other night and my generator wouldnt come on. One of your techs came out and did a great job getting us back up. He beat the power company!”
Debbie P. - Asheville, NC
“Everytime I hear that [generator] come on out there, I know I've made the right choice”
Nancy S. - Maggie Valley, NC
“I was so impressed with how neat he was. I felt bad because I had so many questions, but he was so knowledgeable and answered them all.”
John H. - Hendersonville, NC
"Jeff has provided maintenance on my 14 Kw engine generator for several years. He excels in customer service and is very knowledgeable on the servicing of all generator manufacturers. I highly recommend him for an annual review on the performance of your generator. His services will keep your power on in time of need."
Brian P. - Chester, NJ
"After I met Jeff I had requested he ALWAYS be my service person. He was very pleasant and knowledgeable and I wanted no one but Jeff servicing my generator."
Melissa P. - Warton, NJ
"Have a Dayton PTO 50KW-25KW generator which had not been used for four years and would not function. Called Jeff for service--found him to be very polite, on time and extremely knowledgeable. He was able to diagnose the problem[where others had not], order the replacement part and have me up and running. I would highly recommend this fine young man to anyone having generator problems"
Ed J. - Hayesville, NC